In a recent article published by Forbes this past week, a contributor to the company visited an X-Golf located in Detroit, Michigan. As it is the middle of February, an indoor location such as X-Golf is the only way to truly be able to get some swings in. The reviewer, Scott Kramer, described the location as a “bowling alley, but with golf simulator bays instead of lanes.” He noted the presence of a full-service bar and numerous big-screen TVs.

He goes on to describe getting set up and familiarized with the simulator bay before he, his friend, and his sister begin swinging away. Mr. Kramer describes the flight simulation to be pretty accurate. By using numerous monitors and cameras within the bay, the machine can analyze various factors such as launch angle, club speed, ball speed, and ball rotations, all in real-time. As a long time golfer (with lots of experience and playtime), he knows where and how he is missing shots, and he believes that our company’s technology does a great job of capturing the shots with precision and accuracy.

After hitting some shots on the simulated driving range, the group chooses to play a round at the infamous Pebble Beach. The sudden transformation of being at the first tee box is a surreal feeling for him, and this added technology factor really helps make the experience shine. Mr. Kramer goes on to say that he has been in many golf simulators before, but never one with an automatic tee and ball-feeding system. He was very impressed with the ease of adjusting the height of the tee, and that it would remember the specific height for each player upon it being their turn.

Once they got further in their playthrough on the Pebble Beach course, Mr. Kramer really got into the chipping and putting aspects of X-Golf. He thought the entire feel was realistic, and after getting used to the putting stroke and calibration of distance to the screen (16 feet to screen but plays like it is a 12-foot putt), he compared the playing to a “life-version Tiger Woods golf game.” Overall, he found the entire experience to be intuitive and accurate. Read the full article posted by Forbes here.

Our Thoughts

We are very pleased to hear that a highly reputable source, such as Forbes, would cover the business that we have worked so hard to build. On top of that, receiving such high praise from the company has helped sparked our fire to keep improving and providing a practical and innovative alternative to traditional golf courses. In environments that are unable to host year-round golf, such as Detroit and Richmond, Virginia, these facilities are essential to keep avid golfers and novice golfers on top of their game. If you have any questions or want to set up a virtual tee time to formulate your own opinion on our facilities, be sure to contact us and we are sure to help. We hope to see you swinging soon!