Golf simulation doesn’t have to end when you leave the facility or the location closes. With the golf simulator blog of X-Golf Richmond, you can catch up on various topics related to the composition, usage, and tips for golf simulators. Whether you are trying to learn more about the continually progressing software, the lists of courses available to play on, or the importance of how your foot placement affects the direction of flight into the screen, we are sure to have you covered. Read more into these topics here, and contact us at any point with general or specific questions that you may have!

  1. Meet X-Golf’s Newest Brand Ambassador

    X-Golf is proud to announce that we have partnered with Paige Spiranac to be our company’s newest ambassador! We are very excited to have her on the team, and think you will too! X-Golf is a premium indoor golf simulation facility with locations across the country, including Richmond, Virginia. We provide numerous golfing bays, food and drink options, and world-class golf courses, all from the c…Read More

  2. The Top 5 Courses At X-Golf

    Among the thousands of golf courses scattered throughout the world, some achieve high praise due to their dedication to providing an amazing experience for all clients. While there are a handful of these courses in the United States, a lot of great options are located in other international regions. These high-prestige courses are not cheap, and many of them are exclusive and unavailable for the p…Read More

  3. Image of Golf Ball Tee and Green Backgrounds

    X-Golf Featured in Forbes Magazine

    In a recent article published by Forbes this past week, a contributor to the company visited an X-Golf located in Detroit, Michigan. As it is the middle of February, an indoor location such as X-Golf is the only way to truly be able to get some swings in. The reviewer, Scott Kramer, described the location as a “bowling alley, but with golf simulator bays instead of lanes.” He noted the presenc…Read More